To Timour Hall Villa

Timour Hall Villa is a stunning Grade 2 listed building situated in the beautiful Constantia Valley. Grade 2 buildings are considered buildings of historical significance and we honestly couldn't agree more. In fact, we were even named the most beautiful IPA House in the world!!

We are the IPA, a registered non-profit organisation and the current custodians of this estate. Although we operate the Villa as a hospitality house, in line with our international rules and regulations, this is also not for profit, with funds raised only being used for salaries and to maintain the property. 

The past few years however have seen a decline in travel, functions and conferencing and so we now embark on a huge project to raise much needed funds through either individual donations or ongoing businessnes sponsorships. Our long-term goal is to protect Timour Hall Villa from falling into neglect and disrepair.


The harsh truth is that if we cannot raise R75 000 every month, we will have to close down!! 

This is a danger that we are facing every month and at present, we do not think we will survive beyond the end of March 2020. That means that this building will stand empty and it will not take long for the homeless to discover it and move in. As we have seen with so many once magnificent properties in the Cape, once this happens the building is destroyed by neglect, vandalism and usually fire. This will be a huge loss, not only to IPA, but also to the South African heritage. After all, Sir Percy Fitzpatrick lived here as a child, long before Jock of the Bushveld days, but that has to count in favour of saving this wonderful estate! 

Our motto is 'Servo per Amikeco' - Service Through Friendship and so we hope that we can count on your friendship to help us preserve this remarkable old lady. 

You can donate from anywhere in the world via our PayPal Donate link here

Or using the QR code below. 

Please consider making a monthly pledge if possible. We cannot save Timour Hall Villa without you.

Who are the International Police Association?

The IPA is the biggest Police Association in the world with almost 360,000 members. We are a friendship organisation for members of the police force, whether in employment or retired, and without distinction as to rank, position, gender, race, language or religion. We have around 360,000 members in nearly 100 countries, of which 65 are affiliated National Sections, and we are represented on 5 continents. 

We are a non-governmental organisation, and our aims are to create and strengthen bonds of friendship between members of the police service, promote international cooperation in social, cultural and professional fields, encourage peaceful co-existence between peoples and preservation of world peace, improve the public image of the police service and enhance recognition of the IPA by international bodies.

The IPA is committed to the principles as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as adopted by the United Nations in 1948, and is in Consultative (Special) Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, and also is in Consultative Status with the Organization of American States and UNESCO.
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